The PEM Process

The Affordable Approach to Quality Pretreatment

The PEM system is engineered to meet the demands of high production environments. The heavy-duty system and precision, fixed ratio chemical injectors ensure consistent output and results part after part.

The PEM system features an optional air activated gel/foam pump. This allows the operator to apply gel or foam products to metal surfaces that standard cleaners cannot handle.

PEM has another option that delivers sealer right from the drum. This is a low volume, low pressure pump to complete your pretreatment with a sealer.

Large Bulky Parts

The freedom of movement offered by the  SprayWand enables an operator to easily and efficiently prepare large complex parts and assemblies for final finishing.

Low Quantity Runs

Quick startup and direct application of chemicals, with minimal waste, makes the PEM system a cost effective way to professionally pretreat small quantities of parts.